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Yahoo! Groups: This free, online service allows members to reach all other group members easily via email. It also offers a place to save documents, links, and message archives that all members can access. The group can also be set up to send automatic reminders for meetings and order deadlines.

Google Documents: This free service is great for compiling orders. All members can be invited to view and make changes to a document or spreadsheet simultaneously, and all changes are traceable back to an individual’s login. The spreadsheet can also automatically tally orders as they are created with a few simple formulas.

COMOC has created a Buying Club Formulas Spreadsheet for collating orders which is available for download from this website. The “Buying Club Formulas Spreadsheet” has no items listed, allowing you to fill in your own product info into the first five columns. It has numerous formulas entered to allow immediate reporting of unit pricing, member payments due, order totaling and more. There is also a “COMOC Order” spreadsheet which is simply the entire COMOC Availability List info pre-entered into the first five columns. You can use it to paste the items you want into the Buying Club Formulas spreadsheet, or into any spreadsheet of your liking. Both are downloadable in most common spreadsheet formats. Learn more about these and how to download them from the Spreadsheets Page,

The foodclub.org website http://www.foodclub.org offers a free collating and bookkeeping service created by a programmer in a California buying club.

Get Fresh Net's The Guide to Building Online Local Food Buying Clubs & Farmersí Markets.

COMOC has been distributing Maine organic products throughout New England since 1995. In order to provide the best possible service to your buying club, please read Our Vision which will explain what we believe we can do for you.