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Links to Allies

Below are links where you can find out more about buying, growing and selling local foods, as well as learning more about the worldwide movement to regain control of our economy by supplying ourselves through local producers.

Slow Money bannerThe Slow Money Alliance is a new nonprofit organizing an international movement to bring money back down to earth. A great selection of You Tube videos about the Slow Money Alliance can be found here.

logoMOFGA. The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association promotes local foods and small scale agriculture in Maine.

Get Real Maine logoGet Real Get Maine is a website of the Maine Department of Agriculture that lists Maine farms, pick-your-owns, farm stands, farmers' markets, and more. A great resource for someone wanting to find local foods.

MFFM logoMaine Federation of Farmers' Markets is the place to go to learn about Maine farmers' Markets from the inside. Links to market websites, how to start a market and much more.

Slow Food LogoSlow Food USA. Maine has chapters in the Midcoast and in Portland

Coastal Enterprises, Inc.. “CEI's mission guides our loan and investment decision-making. That is, we loan or invest in businesses that economically contribute to the community, that offer livable wages to employees or ownership opportunities to the borrower, and are environmentally responsible. We call this 3E or Triple Bottom Line investing.”

Island Institute. “The Island Institute is a nonprofit organization that serves as a voice for the balanced future of the islands and waters of the Gulf of Maine. We are guided by an island ethic that recognizes the strength and fragility of Maine's island communities and the finite nature of the Gulf of Maine ecosystems. Along the Maine Coast, the Island Institute seeks to:
  • support the islands' year-round communities;
  • conserve Maine's island and marine biodiversity for future generations;
  • develop model solutions that balance the needs of the coast's cultural and natural communities;
  • provide opportunities for discussion over responsible use of finite resources, and provide information to assist competing interests in arriving at constructive solutions.”

Maine Farmland Trust. “We're the only statewide land trust devoted exclusively to farmland protection. Our goal is to preserve 100,000 acres of farmland by 2014. Thatís the scale that is needed to make a meaningful impact.
Our members make our work possible. Our budget is primarily funded by individual donors and members.”